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Massage therapist Josh Apperley is seen providing a client with a relaxing head massage in a peaceful massage studio. The client is lying on a massage table draped with a teal sheet, while Josh's hands apply gentle pressure and smooth motions to their head, creating a calming effect. The client appears to be enjoying the therapy session and is visibly relaxed.

Josh Apperley Massage

Josh Apperley, a massage therapist, is sitting on a massage table with a black and white filter applied to the image. He is smiling while crossing his arms, portraying a friendly and welcoming demeanor in his massage studio.

About Me

Hi, my name is Josh and I'm a full-time massage therapist with over 12 years of experience.


I graduated from the Western College of Remedial Massage Therapy and specialize in assessment-based orthopedic massage and myofascial release techniques. Whether you're seeking targeted healing or pure relaxation, I also offer Swedish massage to help you feel your best.

My Treatments

Josh Apperley, a massage therapist, is shown applying pressure to a trigger point on the spine of a client in his massage studio. He is using his elbow to apply pressure to the affected area while the client is lying on a massage table. The image is in black and white, and there are posters of anatomy on the wall in the background.
osh Apperley, a massage therapist, is seen using his hands to warm up the tissue on a client's shoulder in a massage studio. The black and white image shows Josh applying gentle pressure and smooth motions to the affected area, creating a warming effect. The client appears to be relaxed and enjoying the therapy session.
Josh Apperley, a massage therapist, is shown assessing the pelvic alignment of a client who is fully dressed and lying down in his massage studio. The black and white photo depicts Josh using his hands to examine the pelvic region while maintaining a professional and focused atmosphere.
The black and white photo shows a close-up shot of massage therapist Josh Apperley performing cupping on a client in his massage studio. The client's skin is being suctioned into the cups, which are placed on the skin's surface to promote healing and improve blood flow. Josh's skilled hands are seen maneuvering the cups to different areas, creating a soothing and therapeutic experience for the client.

Deep Tissue Massage

An assessment-based massage approach utilizes specialized massage and stretching techniques to effectively aid in the healing of specific injuries. By thoroughly assessing your complaint, I tailor your treatment to address your specific needs, and follow up as necessary to ensure optimal results.

Relaxation Massage

Perfect for those seeking a soothing, all-over treatment without a detailed assessment beforehand. It's important to note that relaxation massage isn't designed to address specific injuries; if you're seeking targeted healing for a specific issue, I recommend booking a deep tissue massage.

Quiet Massage

This is for those of you who prefer a quiet and peaceful massage without conversation, with the exception of essential directional cues. Of course, if you do feel like chatting, that's perfectly fine too - just let me know so I can ensure your treatment is tailored to your preferences.

Dynamic Cupping 

Experience deeper relaxation and relief from muscle tension with massage therapy services that incorporate dynamic cupping techniques, helping to increase blood flow and alleviate pain.

Ask me about it before your treatment.


"I'd heard that Josh was an excellent massage therapist and he exceeded my expectations. He's incredibly knowledgeable about the human body and genuinely wants to help people. He definitely has a healing capacity. I left feeling relaxed and aligned and will be returning."

Google Review

"Josh is a great massage therapist especially if you are after solutions to pain / injury or problems. Good assessment, great treatment by a guy who really wants to see you improve, able to apply good pressure and get results."

Google Review

"Josh is an extremely skilled massage therapist. I have been seeing him to treat some injuries and he’s the best RMT I’ve ever worked with. He takes time to perform assessments and always walks me through what he finds and stretching exercises I can use between visits. I highly recommend him!"

Facebook Review

Get in Touch

As a massage therapist based in Regina, Saskatchewan, my goal is to help you achieve optimal health and well-being. With a range of massage therapy services, I can help you relieve stress, reduce pain, and improve your overall wellness. 

You can find me at The Junction Creative Studio located at:

2347 McIntyre St, 
Regina, SK, S4P 2S3


The image shows the exterior of The Junction Creative Studio in Regina, Saskatchewan, during winter. This is the location of Josh Apperley's studio, which provides massage therapy services. The building has a more artsy and welcoming vibe, with a large sign that reads 'The Junction' in the front yard.
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